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Formed in October 2001 by Malcolm Journeaux and Paul Preston, Crimson Scarlet were renowned for the quality of their recordings and their live music.

Paul left in 2005 to return to Oxford to complete his doctorate. Malcolm continued until, after a number of line ups, four CDs recorded and many gigs throughout the Greater Manchester area, the band finally called it a day in May 2008.

Of the final line up, John Butterworth returned to playing folk music, Tom Szakaly continued with Noddy's Puncture, his ELP tribute band, Malcolm and Lisa Jules formed a duo, Jules & Journeaux. Malcolm also went on to become a well respected photographer - see:

Use the links in the navigation at the top of the page to access all the tracks from the four albums Crimson Scarlet recorded - Miss Lane, Tears Began To Bleed, Pirouette and Neon Lights.