Gig Reviews

Broadfield Hotel
10 September 2004

Crimson Scarlet made a much welcome comeback at the Broadfield Hotel, Rochdale.

The five-piece band have a passion for live music and song-writing: they are skilled performers and have an obvious talent for writing beautiful songs.

With an inspiring, classic melodic rock sound, this band isn't afraid to take their music to a different level. Unlike many of today's rock bands their warm melodies and touching lyrics reach inside and intrigue the minds of their fans.

The music immediately drew the audience in, with a clear message that this band is genuinely different. As well as knowing the key to creating melodies, their emotions are genuine, their lyrics tell a story, while their instruments create the mood.

Songs written by the two co-writers, Paul Preston and Malcolm Journeaux, including old favourites Amore, Beloved, and New Life Story, as well as new material such as Pirouette, left the Broadfield audience eager to hear more of their soulful writing talents.

Kirsty Rigg