Gig Reviews

Hark to Towler, Tottington, Bury
22 April 2006

Crimson Scarlet took to the stage at the Hark to Towler with their new line up, minus ex lead vocalist, Sarah-Jane Johnson.

Such a superb singer as Johnson was always going to be very difficult to follow, but as he did when previous lead singer Paul Preston parted company with the band, backing vocalist Richard Harper stepped in, at very short notice, and with just two practices for the gig under his belt, and eight songs to learn for the set, he did a good enough job to ensure that Johnson wasn't as badly missed as some Crimson fans thought she may be.

John Butterworth as always played superbly on guitar. Pete Smith played as only he can, excellent technique backed up with great energy, and Malcolm Journeaux was as solid and reliable as ever.

It has to be said that though they clearly won the Towler crowd over, helped no end by the couple of dozen fans that travelled over from Rochdale, this was not the best Crimson have ever played, though in fairness they were hampered by a troublesome in house sound set up; lots of feedback and no sound coming through the monitors. They coped admirably though and with a bit more time to polish the set the new line up will soon be back to the very high standard we have come to expect from Crimson Scarlet.

Kirsty Rigg