Gig Reviews

QV's Cafe Bar, Southport
17 April 2004

Crimson Scarlet delivered a typically strong live performance. Their melodic, hand crafted rock sound with swathes of guitars, intricate riffs and excellent vocals scored with the QV audience.

The set opened with 'Neon Lights', a rock anthem with U2 inspired guitar work, quickly followed by the pure, visceral energy of 'Horse of Steel' and 'Special Offer'.

Crimson are no one trick pony however, and the middle of the set saw the mood change as the band showed the breadth of their talent with a cameo of introspective acoustic songs: the soulful gospel vocals of 'Beloved', the more up tempo 'Twilight' and the haunting soul piercing 'Liquid Suicide'.

The fusion of tango type chorus and heavy rock verses of 'Amore' was followed by the conscience pricking lyrics of 'Hypocrisy', a hard hitting blues number.

The set ended with 'New Life Story', a typical Crimson melodic rock sound but with a very subtle reggae beat underneath intricate guitar riffs, and 'Scarlet', an anthem with truly superb guitar work and soaring vocals.

Pauline Journeaux