Gig Reviews

Rochdale Band Nite, Broadfield Hotel
15 July 2005

Crimson Scarlet - back by high demand!

The first band night was also the first Crimson Scarlet appearance with stunning new vocalist Sarah-Jane Johnson, who has improved the band's image. The 22-year-old Rochdale beauty came along after the previous vocalist parted company with the band, and after passing her audition with flying colours, she had less than two weeks to learn the lyrics ready for the big night. Sarah-Jane gave an excellent performance that was oozing with confidence, and her cheerful voice certainly pleased the crowd. There was stunning harmonising with keyboard player Richard Harper, who adds the male vocals where needed.

Songs played in their first set included Scarlet, Neon Lights, and Pirouette, all of which got an intrigued crowd gathering around the stage.

After pleasing the crowd once and breaking for a performance from Indie/Pop band Urban Blue, Crimson appeared for a second time with real impact with songs such as 'Oxygen'.

The closing set was so impressive that the crowd were cheering for more, and were satisfied once again when they agreed to play 'Oxygen' for a second time.

The crowd still cheering for more, the band finally left the stage after making a lot of new Rochdale followers.

It's certainly a good place for the future Rochdale talent to play.

Kirsty Rigg