Gig Reviews

Spotland Stadium, Rochdale
25 September 2004

Crimson Scarlet are more than a bunch of good musicians playing a few tunes, they really know how to put on an impressive show.

A combination of stunning guitar work, beautiful melodies and powerful lyrics has long been a Crimson Scarlet trademark and this gig was no exception.

Vocalist Paul Preston is a consummate performer, a natural front man whose passion for the lyrics is almost painful to watch, complemented superbly by the backing vocals of keyboard player Richard Harper.

John Butterworth was stepping very close to the edge with his electrifying lead play, bass player Malcolm Journeaux solid as ever, and of course no Crimson Scarlet review would be complete without a mention for drummer Pete Smith. Hidden by his kit, he is not often seen, but very much heard. He is the powerhouse of Crimson Scarlet.

Pauline Journeaux