Gig Reviews

Spotland Stadium, Rochdale
25 May 2005

Crimson Scarlet - Moody Musicians!

After very late nights and early mornings finishing their new CD, Rochdale rock band Crimson Scarlet took to the stage again; they made a much anticipated appearance at Spotland Stadium.

The gig was their first live performance since September of last year, and considering the time they have been away, they have certainly not lost their touch.

Lead vocalist Paul Preston has a strong, soaring voice that will turn the head of any live music fan - and even without his voice, you'd still not miss him as his dramatic on-stage persona means he will always be noticed!

The other members of the band are happy for Paul to take centre stage while they ensure their musical skills keep the sound tight.

Bass player Malcolm Journeaux is completely the opposite of Paul with a calm, relaxed style, he played tight riffs from beginning to end.

Impressive guitar work from lead guitarist John Butterworth worked perfectly with the bass.

Keyboard player Richard Harper concentrated hard all night and played every key perfectly, and of course drummer Pete Smith underpinned the rhythm with his experienced drum work.

They work well together as musicians to create an excellent combination of moody but energetic songs.

The set included some of their newly written songs such as 'Pirouette' and 'Oxygen', taken from their new CD (named Pirouette) which will be available soon.

Keyboard player Richard Harper said: "Having spent the past six months holed up in the studio recording our new CD, Pirouette, it was good to be back out on the road; much as we enjoyed the recording experience, you cannot beat live music. However, we expected we may be a touch rusty having had such a long break from gigging, but I would say that this is the best gig we have ever played and the audience certainly appreciated it."

He added: "We are looking forward now to the first Rochdale Band Night at the Broadfield Hotel on Friday 15 July".

Kirsty Rigg