Gig Reviews

Waggon & Horses, Rochdale
4 February 2006

Crimson Scarlet blooded a new star at the Waggon with Tom Butterworth, son of guitarist John, standing in on bass for Malcolm Journeaux who had to withdraw at the last minute due to illness.

Tom is familiar with most of the set due to being the band's regular lighting technician, nevertheless to put in a superb performance on bass does him great credit.

The first of two sets saw Crimson start with their usual mood setting stomper, Scarlet, quickly followed by the very hard-hitting rock number, Paranoia, warning of the dire consequences of drug abuse.

Renditions of Miss Lane and Oxygen followed before the first set ended with New Life Story.

The second set started with the bright and breezy Last Night before a complete change to the dark and moody Pirouette.

The mood continued to ebb and flow as the band enthralled the Waggon crowd.

The end of a superb second set, and another first class Crimson Scarlet performance, came with two blues influenced numbers, Crying Tears and Tears Began to Bleed.

Kirsty Rigg